AEDM Day 30: Right-Brain Business Plan ’09 Part I

Today is the last day of the Art Everyday Month challenge! What an awesome month of creativity, exploration and play. I also love the community and new connections this challenge fosters!

Right-Brain Business Plan 2009

During the final two days of AEDM 2007, I invented my Right-Brain Business Plan, so it was only befitting that I use the last day of AEDM 2008 to start my new Right-Brain Business Plan for next year!

Right-Brain Business Plan 2009

Part of what I envision is making a broader impact on the creative entrepreneur community and women in business.  While I’m putting myself out there, I want to honor my values of fun/play, authenticity/trusting myself, peace/harmony, and beauty/creativity/expression.

Right-Brain Business Plan 2009

One of my big accomplishments this year was hiring a Virtual Assistant.  I’ve really enjoyed the extra support so that I can focus on the more strategic and profit-oriented aspects of my business.  In 2009, I want to continue that process and develop more streamlined systems so I can work smarter and expand my business in new and exciting ways.

Also, I’ve had a blast this year with creating The Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book and the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit.  Next year, my goal is to finish my first book and get started on the other two that have also been percolating!  I also want to develop new innovative products and services to offer.

Plus, I want to continue increasing my media exposure. Would love to be back on The View From The Bay and to get on The Martha Stewart Show to demonstrate an Unfolding Your Life Vision collage book, along with other TV, print and online venues!!

Right-Brain Business Plan 2009

Last year, when I set my financial goals, I didn’t realize this, but I focused just on the actual amount rather than also including what the money would actually get me.  While I’ve come pretty darn close to my goal, I know I can dream bigger for next year and beyond!  Since money is not what drives me in running my own business, I brought into my vision more aspects of the lifestyle I want to be living.  I think that’s something that really came home for me when I participated in a money circle earlier this year.

I look forward to fleshing out the details of my plan like I did last year.  That’s really where the rubber starts meeting the road and the vision can come to life!  I also just ordered a book that just came out earlier this month called The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real by Lisa Sonora Beam.  It looks right up my alley and I bet it’ll give me more ideas for detailing out my 2009 Right-Brain Business plan.

All of this creating and art visioning during AEDM has inspired me to revisit the new letter from the future I started writing a few weeks ago.  That will give me additional insights into my plan and I’m sure I’ll now have more things to add to my letter!

The end of the year is a great time to start thinking about what you want the next year to be like, so I hope you’ll do some visioning and planning, too!  Please let me know, I’d love to see!!

5 thoughts on “AEDM Day 30: Right-Brain Business Plan ’09 Part I”

  1. What an inspiring way to end the AEDM and begin 2009. Love it!

    I usually re-read my journal and do a kind of a summary. I journal these thoughts in the first pages of my new journal and from that make my plan for the coming year. The thing is though, I probably don’t look at it again after March.

    If I were to do it with the Right Brain Business Plan (which I purchased and have not yet used), I will want to look at it everyday!

    I believe some of my values and goals have changed since I have had time to shake off the full time gig. Is that normal??

  2. Jenn,

    This is wonderful! I was inspired to try AEDM after hearing that you had participated last year. The collages are a great way to end the month. With the economy as such I think I will have to make a money beliefs box as you did!

    Thanks so much for the continued inspiration!

  3. I always remind people that it is important to include money as a goal. While it may not be the defining component of yourself or your business, it is measureable and can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategic plan.

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