Right-Brain Business Plan Part II – AEDM Day 30


With scissors, pens and glue stick in hand, I worked on detailing out the different sections of my Artizen Coaching Right-Brain Business Plan on the flip side. Sure beats sitting in front of a computer for hours!


I revised my company description with the look of my ink and water colors visual journal. The paint really brought the key words to life and made it feel more like me.

I wanted my plan to be interactive and evolving, so I created different ways to incorporate information that I could take out, update and put back in. The next page to the left has a pocket that holds cards describing my different services and products. I like that I can pull them out and add to it easily.


Next, I created a mini bound calendar to list out my major events and milestones. It actually slips out of the little holder so that I can thumb through it (see picture below).

I also created a section for describing who I’m partnering with and for what. In addition, I thought through what my role would be versus what I have already outsourced or need to outsource in the future.


I really love that this format is expandable and adaptable – just like my business! Plus, it’s portable and fun to look at!


Finally, I created spaces for holding my financial and overall business goals plus my marketing strategies and approaches. Since these are also in an envelope type form, I can easily slip cards in and out. Plus there’s a little more privacy.

I’m super-excited to have a tangible, interactive vision for where I want to take my business in the next year and beyond. I’m also thrilled that I’ve developed another creative approach to use with clients in crafting the personal and professional goals.

I am so grateful to the Art Every Day and NaBloPoMo challenges (I’m overlooking those days when I was sooo overwhelmed and stressed!). This month’s art making and blogging has culminated into a new way for me do business planning, has helped me to develop new approaches and product ideas and has widened my community of creative souls. This process reminds me that the more I try new things, connect with others, tap into my creativity… then the more quickly my vision and ideas can evolve and manifest. Doing art every day has definitely accelerated my life big time in ways I wouldn’t have even imagined 29 days ago and am still processing. Amazing!

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3 thoughts on “Right-Brain Business Plan Part II – AEDM Day 30”

  1. It’s doubly amazing now! 🙂 Fabulous work, and thank you for sharing it with us. Leah is one of the earliest bloggers I discovered four years ago, and I think she’s just wonderful. So glad you got so much out of her AEDM.

  2. I just stumbled upon your wonderful blog! I LOVE your business plan!!! I had a lot of color and graphics when I made mine, but it is nothing compared to yours.

  3. I love this idea! I read it yesterday and am no half way through actually having a 3D business plan. Thank you!

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