AEDM Day 2: More Collaged Values Cards

I finished three more collaged values cards today.  Again, I was only going to do one and then I just got caught up in the fun!  Turns out I was honoring my values of creativity and flow :).

risk-taking, stretching, branching out

Risk Taking / Stretching / Putting myself out there / Accomplishment / Excellence

peace, tranquility, harmony, inner life, meaning

Peace / Harmony / Tranquility / Inner Life / Meaning

learning, personal growth

Learning / Personal Growth

As I look at today’s cards and my cards from yesterday, I’m reminded how sometimes core values may actually conflict with each other and how they can all be interconnected as well.  For example, when I put myself out there (like I did for my TV appearances), I might disrupt my sense of peace and tranquility for a bit but I’ve usually challenged myself to learn and grow so afterward I feel great!  Another place where my values sometimes rub up against each other is around creativity/expression and my need for at least some order, structure and efficiency.  My value of creativity ranks higher than my value for structure, though, so usually that wins out.  I know structure and efficiency are important to me though, because when they’re not there in some form I get frustrated.  The key is having awareness and making conscious choices about what values you’ll honor in any given moment.

I’m really enjoying this process of exploring my values in a visual and more tangible way.  I hope you’ll make some of your own!

7 thoughts on “AEDM Day 2: More Collaged Values Cards”

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve revisited the old CTI values strings … hmmm, these collage cards might be a fun project to add to my list for AEDM. (weee; i’m remembering why i enjoyed this so much when i did it three years ago!) 🙂

  2. Jenn, I am totally in love with the learning and personal growth card. The lady in the red coat, sunflower with a book, and stack of magazines attracted me at first. The people in the circle made me think of how we learn and grow in community. We do nothing alone in our lives. We always do things with people even when we think we are along, we are not.

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