Empanadas of My Soul

Kristen’s book club selection was Isabel Allende’s sweeping historic novel Ines of My Soul.  I was engrossed by this tale of the strong and independent Spanish conquistadora who is said to have helped build Santiago, Chile.  In the story, Ines has a talent for making empanadas.

Since we book club ladies love our themed meals it was a great excuse for Francisca’s famous empanadas (from her mom Ines’ secret recipe).  With rolling pin in hand, Francisca gave us a lesson in how to assemble these savory treats.

We learned how to fold and seal the dough to keep the spicy goodness from seeping out.  We crimped the edges with a fork and coated the pastry with a glistening egg wash.

We dined on a cheese platter and fresh tomato salad with red onions and cilantro as the emapanadas cooked to a golden brown.  I can’t tell you how utterly amazing these empanadas were.  We each took home a few and I am looking forward to eating one tomorrow!

Some of my favorite book clubs have been when we do something interactive together like practicing yoga, teaching each other how to knit or sharing our creative projects.

It’s my turn next!  What suggestions do you have for a great read?  Would love to hear.  Thanks!

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  1. this post looks good enought to eat! and your book club sounds delicious too…how fun. have you read the Giants House? it’s a beautiful, unconventional, heartfelt story – one of my favorites.

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