Blogging Brilliance

Thanks to social media expert Britt Bravo for coming to our Oakland Ladies Who Launch meeting last night to speak about blogging.  Britt shared with us some cool tools and tips for starting and enhancing our blogs.   Based on her presentation, I finally added an RSS feed link and e-mail subscription link to my blog!  Thanks, Britt!  Please check out Britt’s inspiring and informative blog Have fun. Do good.

Speaking of blogging, via twitter this morning, I heard of this exciting contest on Martha Stewart’s blogComment on her post and Martha may feature you on her blog!  Way cool!  And today’s Martha show was all about blogging and the studio audience was filled with bloggers blogging away on their laptops.  Just brilliant!  I loved seeing the creator of cute overload, too.

If you’re wanting to learn more about blogging and social media, I’ve included some great resources below.

The Ladies Who Launch site has several articles on social media and blogging:

The Pink Heel’s blog has a great overview of social media.

And here is some great information about twitter (a way of “micro-blogging”):

I’d love to hear what helpful resources or tips you’ve found on blogging or social networking.  Please share them in the comments!

Happy blogging!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Brilliance”

  1. Yay!! You linked to my LWL articles. I love working with the LWL gals and other solopreneurs to help them see the many benefits of blogging and other social media for business.

    Very cool about the Martha contest. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…once I figure out which of the three blogs to use – LOL

  2. I attended the Oakland LWL blogging seminar and as usual when I attend a LWL event I came away so excited to be put to use the things that I learned. For me it is alike a whole new world opening up. I feel like we really benefited for having someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Britt Bravo teach us the ropes. Thanks Jenn! Also, I am going to make a prediction “Life Unfolds” has a great shot at winning the Martha Stewart prize!

  3. Man, the world gets smaller and smaller. You know Marcy, you know Leah (creative everyday) … and you link to all these cool resources. (gotta start coming back here more often so i get to know YOU better …) 🙂

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