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by jenn on March 2, 2008

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Our book club pick for this round was artist Beatrice Wood’s autobiography, “I Shock Myself.” Francisca dished up a delicious bohemian spread of lentils, quinoa, beets, salad, pita bread, hummus and all sorts of other goodies. Christina picked tangerines from the tree.

As an homage to the creative process, Francisca asked us each to bring pieces we’ve been working on. Christina, Francisca and I shared some knitting, Kristen brought photos and of course Lily brought her latest creation…


… Jacob whom we all met for the first time.


We are on our seventh year of our book club. And even though we hardly talk about the books, we know it’s more about just spending time together laughing, eating, enjoying each other’s company and…


just being silly together (Francisca and I sporting our “Blue Steel” Zoolander poses).

Ahhhh, another perfect book club afternoon!

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LA BLogger Gal March 6, 2008 at 9:23 pm

Too funny. We’re on three years of book club and rarely talk about the book for more than five minutes. Nice to hear that its not just us.

jamie March 7, 2008 at 8:32 am

How wonderful! 7 years, that’s amazing. You guys look like you have so much fun together. And Jacob is such a cutey! Lol, I thought you were saying he was the homage to the creative process – I suppose he is!

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