Be Your Own Boss Recap

Last Saturday was the annual Bay Area Ladies Who Launch Be Your Own Boss event.  Imagine a full day of inspiring and informative speakers, a gorgeous, sunny space filled to the brim with 350 vibrant, creative women and a buzz of entrepreneurial energy.  It took me several days to recuperate from all the excitement (hence not getting this post up until a week later!).

Kate and I shared a table to showcase our work (her design portfolio, my coaching business and the products she designed for me – The Right-Brain Business Plan e-book and my new Unfolding Your Life Vision kit).  Thanks to lady launcher photographer Monica Michelle for the beautiful photo of us above!

Had lots of late nights getting ready!  Above is a peek at the assembly line I had going for my new Unfolding Your Life Vision kit.  (BTW, kits will be available for sale online soon!).

We were amazed at how elegantly our table came together.  It helps that we have similar tastes!

Our lovely friend Hannah lent us a hand.  How awesome to have extra support that day!  Hannah and Kate incubated with me back in March.  It’s fun when friendships blossom out of the incubator in addition to all the other launching goodness!

Some highlights from the day were seeing so many familiar smiling faces, meeting many new launching ladies and getting such great response to my kits!  I enjoyed the panel about social media which basically reinforced my facebook and twitter habit.  The Real Good Project fed us a delicious, organic gourmet lunch.  My salmon salad sandwich was out of this world!  Oh, and my 10-minute chair massage was heaven-sent after being on my feet all day.

What I appreciated most at the event was experiencing how jazzed everyone gets about being their own boss.  How entrepreneurial women thrive on connections, community and creativity.  How together we are changing the way business is done.

Kate, Hannah and I topped off the night with a celebratory dinner at A Cote in Rockridge.  We were exhausted, famished and delirious from the record heat but that meal was incredible!  Great food and great company.  Cheers to being your own boss!

3 thoughts on “Be Your Own Boss Recap”

  1. Congratulations on a beautiful event! I am amazed that you were able to balance putting the event together while also wo-manning a booth! You go girl!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! You and my sis are doing beautiful things as well. I have been hearing about your projects for so long and am so happy to have the link to your site now! Looking forward to meeting you.


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