A New Shower Head

We live in an old home with old pipes. Over the years our shower has slowly become less and less powerful.  Brian ordered a new shower head made for low water pressure.  When he went to switch the old one out, he was surprised to find gravel stuck in the old shower head.  We have no idea how it got in there, but that sure explains why the water barely trickled out!

Anyway, he installed the new shower head and it works fabulously.  The water is once again flowing freely!  Ahhh!

This reminded me of that parable about the rocks and the jar.  If you tried to add large rocks to a jar already filled with gravel it would be quite challenging to make it all fit.  But if you started with the large rocks first and then poured the smaller rocks in to fill the gaps, everything would fit rather easily.

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up on lots of details and to-dos (a.k.a. little rocks or gravel) the past week since my back-to-back trips to Dallas and L.A.  All that focus on the little things gradually stifled my creative flow.  Today I attended to the big rocks first.  I cleared space to do more big picture thinking and planning.  I refrained from checking e-mail incessantly.  I indulged in making some art.  I opened up the windows and blinds in the office to let the sun and fresh air flood in.  New ideas are already percolating.

What can you do today to clear out the “gravel” blocking your creative flow?

2 thoughts on “A New Shower Head”

  1. Awesome post! I was wondering where all this talk of gravel was going and it went to a really cool place =) BTW, I’m pretty sure the gravel was introduced when we had the main replaced.

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