I Feel.

I went to my first InterPlay class last night.  A few weeks ago at a networking event, I met a fun woman named Gretchen.  Given my expressive arts coaching approach, she thought I’d appreciate InterPlay and invited me to check out a session with her.

I loved the studio the minute I walked in.  It was warm, open and inviting and the people there were very welcoming.  I felt right at home!

We did a series of individual, group and partner exercises involving movement, sound and play.  One of the activities was allowing ourselves to “exform.”  Interplay defines exformation as the opposite of information.  Instead of taking in energy and data, it allows us to release excess energy.  After “exforming” I sat back down with my dance witness Gretchen to debrief.

I talked about what it was like to move around freely (after having been sitting most of the day), to be inspired by what I was sensing and to let those sensations be explored and expressed.

I started to say “I feel…” searching to find the words to describe my experience.

I tried again to articulate it, “I feel…….”

Finally, Gretchen just said, “You FEEL!”

“Ah, yes, you’re right, Gretchen!  I feel (period).”

As I sat along the wall, I could feel its cool, rough texture through the back of my t-shirt.   My feet felt moist against the smoothness of the hardwood floor.  My fingers tingled with energy.  Dancing around and letting my body wisdom move me was very freeing and helped me be hyper aware of feeling!  Fancy that.

I’m definitely coming back to InterPlay!  By the way, their booklet explaining InterPlay’s eight body wisdom principles is a small handwritten accordion book (see picture above).  Are these my kind of peeps, or what?!

5 thoughts on “I Feel.”

  1. Hello Jennifer Lee!
    its me InterPlay cofounder, Cynthia. How fun to see your wonderful reflection! InterPlay has saved me many a time. If not the forms, then the ideas. If not the ideas then the great people. If not the great people then the reminder to keep creating no matter what. I know you know what I mean. Thanks for joining the class!


  2. Hi Jenn – it was fun to play with you on Tuesday! Yes, InterPlay has taught me as many variations of “feeling” as the Esquimaux have words for snow, and given me permission to not have to articulate all of my experience in words. It’s been an integral part of my approach to business coaching (and LIFE!) and I’m glad to hear that you’ll be back to steep yourself in more of its body wisdom.


  3. I am drawing a blank right now but there is a similar organization that takes the same creative approach as Interplay to improve communities. They bring together stakeholders and interested persons who want to make the world a better place by hosting creative workshops. I know that several funders have provided $$$ to community groups to have this opportunity.

    I am going to add it to my to-do list to find out the name of this organization. It is driving me CRAZY that I can’t remember it right now.

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