Happy Unbirthday

For some reason, Plaxo thought today was my birthday.  Colleagues sent me birthday wishes and e-cards.  It was pretty cool to have an extended celebration!  My actual birthday was on Tuesday.  I enjoyed my day by taking the afternoon off, hanging out with my friend Kate (who gave me the lovely orchid pictured above), going to yoga, having a white chocolate dream at Bittersweet and then Brian took me out for a nice dinner in Berkeley.  I also started off my b-day by writing what I’m grateful for on a card for my blessings box and what I hope for the coming year on another card for my wish box.

What I loved about getting the second round of birthday wishes on my unbirthday is that it reminded me of something one of the leaders in my leadership program talked about.  He mentioned that growth is the process of constantly being shattered and reborn.  So in effect, everyday and every moment is our birthday.  At any given instant, we have the opportunity to shed the old and embrace the new.   So, Happy Birthday to you, too!

3 thoughts on “Happy Unbirthday”

  1. Extending the celebrations ever-further, Happy Birthday! May it be a year of growth, propserity, creativity and joy! Hugs, Jamie.

  2. teehee, that’s funny. happy un-birthday to you, darlin! wishing you a year of boundless creativity, fun and love. xoxo

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