eWomen Network Conference 2008

I’m in Dallas this weekend for the annual eWomen Network Conference. It’s been an amazing past few days meeting so many talented, smart and savvy women (there are about 3,000 women entrepreneurs here at the Hyatt Regency!)

One of my favorite things was getting to spend lots of quality one-on-one time with publishing experts and authors as part of the eWomen Publishing Network. I got fantastic “femtoring” (as eWomen Network founder Sandra Yancey likes to say) from Jan King, my book coach and founder of the eWomen Network Publishing Network, Debbie Mzarek, a fabulous woman I met a last year’s conference and author of “The Field Guide to Sales,” Jennifer Madson, a fellow lady launcher and author of “A Financial Minute,” Gail Richards, a fellow creative spirit and head of Author Smart, AND (OMG!!!!) the brilliant and wonderfully down-to-earth Tama Kieves author of a super-inspiring and best-selling book, “This Time I Dance.” I read it a couple of years ago right around the time I quit my corporate job and it was just what I needed to hear then. Anyway, I shared my Right-Brain Business Plan, dream box and Unfolding Your Life Vision collage books with her and she was so thrilled!

I even asked Tama to give a video testimonial for me, which she so graciously did as you can see below. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!

And if all that wasn’t enough, while I was in the Publishing Pavilion, I met this really sharp woman April from Georgia. We hit it off and she invited me to dinner with her friends from the Savannah eWomen chapter. So I got to know Deborah, Melissa, Nanci and Judy, too! What a positive and empowered group of women.

I can’t wait to continue connecting with them after the conference. There are so many other cool people I’ve met here, and I’m sure I’ll meet more tomorrow before I head home.

The morning always starts off with some surprise entertainment. So today we saw jugglers John and Owen of The Passing Zone. These two funny guys pulled off crazy stunts including juggling machetes while balancing on a beam and standing on top of each other.

And then they juggled sickles while a brave audience member balanced spinning plates and a ball! (I’m glad I wasn’t in her shoes!).

And finally, a really inspiring part of the program was hearing Sandra talk about The GLOW Project, which includes a full-length movie and a magazine to showcase uplifting success stories of women. They had a panel of a few of the women featured in the movie and it was extremely touching to hear about their journeys and how they keep their inner glow burning.

Whew… It’s been a very, very full day and I have lots of great ideas to absorb! I’m always amazed at the power of networking with so many incredible women.

3 thoughts on “eWomen Network Conference 2008”

  1. o my goodness! that is amazing! the video from tama kieves is fabulous!! i’ve read her book as well and found it very helpful and inspiring.

    i owe you an email and you’ll be getting it soon! xox

  2. Hi Jennifer – It was so great to meet you, if only briefly. I loved reading your description of the events. (FYI – It won’t be long before I’m asking you to send me a photo of your hair to take to my hairdresser!) I’m glad you met the Savannah gals – they were the only ones I knew prior to the conference. Okay – time to go subscribe to your blog…

  3. Jennifer – phenom post! You captured it perfectly. Then again, I am not surprised. You are amazing and I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

    And don’t listen to one thing Christine says about us 😉

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