My Inner Teacher and My Inner Muse

Today Kate and I participated in Kimberly Wilson‘s Yoga and Creativity workshop.  Through a blissful blend of journaling, visualization, asana, collage and meditation my inner teacher and inner muse came out to play.  I loved being on the mat in a room full of yoga enthusiasts and women wanting to connect with their creativity.  These are my kind of peeps!

During our discussion, a theme emerged around striking the balance of being inspired with lots of creative thoughts and being grounded enough so that we can implement them.  I know with my vata kapha dosha, I can tend to get overwhelmed and flighty with my whirlwind of ideas or stuck and sluggish from that very same overwhelm.  That’s when I need to fire up some pitta to get me in action!  And I can use that right about now given the goals I have for the rest of the year.

For the workshop, I dusted off my yoga teacher training journal that I made with papyrus from my trip to Egypt and a copy of my lotus blossom painting.  I realized that I had stopped regularly journaling about my practice sometime in 2007, yikes! I’ll definitely pick that back up again, even if it’s just short entries about what I’m noticing with my yoga. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a year since my teacher training!  It felt good to reconnect with that journey in a creative way again.

And that’s the Hip Tranquil Chick herself with me (and my new very asymmetrical haircut!).   With all her entrepreneurial ventures and her lovely presence, Kimberly is truly an inspiration. What a treat to meet her in person!!

You can find us both as guest bloggers on the wishstudio blogzine!

2 thoughts on “My Inner Teacher and My Inner Muse”

  1. Wow, what a powerful collage! I just sat here and looked at it for ages. “Free spirits make plans too” OMG, love it!

    It sounds like a fabulous workshop. May your relationship with your inner teacher and your inner muse grow stronger than ever!

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