Lotus Blossom

Yesterday I led my first painting and collage art visioning class with five wonderful women. I met Cynthia at a holiday fair last month (she designs beautiful bead-embellished utensils and serving ware) and she asked if I would come to her house and hold a workshop for her and her friends. At first I thought, “Why is she asking me? I have no formal art training and would hardly consider myself an ‘art teacher.'” (Us coaches call that “gremlin talk!”) Her enthusiasm was contagious and I found myself saying, “Yes!”

This is yet another example of where I’m so glad I said “Yes!” to a new opportunity even though I had know idea what to expect. The afternoon turned out to be full of fun, exploration, creativity and of course much laughter. We each created unique pieces that said something meaningful about ourselves.

I painted an image of a lotus blossom, which represents spiritual unfolding and enlightenment. The lotus flower starts of as a small bud at the bottom of a murky pond and then, drawn by the sunlight, slowly rises to the surface to unfurl its beautiful petals. I loved that symbol of ascending from the darkness and muck to opening and blooming in full elegant expression. Just like what happened when I moved from the initial doubt and fear about the workshop to stepping into the gifts that I bring. And now I want to hold more painting workshops to provide the time and space for women to tap into their creative essence.

The lotus flower symbol resonated so much with me that I now refer to my Unfolding Your Life Vision collage books as Lotus Blossom Books instead of plain old accordion books. The pages open up like petals on the lotus flower, bringing purpose, clarity and affirmation to your life vision.

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