It’s Yoga Part 2

Graduation day was last Friday – I am now a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor! The training was an amazing journey. Intense, exhausting, exhilarating, integrating, inspiring and feeling like coming home. I had no idea going into it how much it would align with the work I do as a coach, leader and artist. So many of the concepts and the ancient yogic philosophy resonates with much of CTI‘s coaching and leadership approach. The ideas of detaching from your inner critic, getting in touch with your inner teacher, letting go of expectations, practicing compassion, etc. are so universal. It’s another language/access point/modality for me to explore the same ideas with myself and with clients. I love that I now have a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the mind, body, heart, soul connection and how yoga helps integrate all of them.The other amazing aspect of the training was the incredible synchronicity that emerged. The third week we talked about manifesting our dreams and how yoga helps to quiet the mind so we can tap into our higher selves and access our dreams. So much of this related to what I use my wish boxes for. I ended up getting the chance to share my wish box with the circle and took them through a guided visualization. They liked it so much that they invited me to do this with future teacher trainings! I couldn’t believe it! As Larry says, “It’s Yoga!”

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