Passion in Bloom – AEDM Day 13


After the Lady Launchers left my home this evening, a glow of positive energy permeated my living room like fairies had sprinkled magic dust in our midst. During the second week of the Ladies Who Launch Incubator we share our expanded visions of what we see as possible for each woman. I’m always amazed at what innovative, savvy and compassionate ideas are conjured up in this exercise. And I just love it when each woman’s eyes light up upon hearing an idea that really hits home. There’s a sense of surprise and delight and of being truly seen.

The energy from the Incubator inspired my quick art project for Day 13. I wanted to capture the passion, heart and fire I witnessed tonight. I picked up my crayons and just let the colors flow. I started off with pinks and reds in the center, symbolizing the seed of an idea, the love of something close to the heart. Petals ablaze burst forth from the core representing the blossoming fire and passion. The swirls of pink and yellow are the warmth and light that each woman’s essence brings as they share their ideas and dreams, expand their vision out in the world and touch other people’s lives. I feel so blessed to be creating the space for all this goodness to grow!

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3 thoughts on “Passion in Bloom – AEDM Day 13”

  1. how cool! i just wrote on the flickr site about your picture: “it feels bright and hopeful and radiant!” and then i thought, it’s like a self-portrait of you because you are all of those things!

    I love it, so warm and comfortable but very positive, energetic and moving/flowing upward.

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