Road Block and Release – AEDM Day 14


Man, it’s getting hard for me to keep up with the Art Every Day. I notice that I’ve been waiting to the very last minute to squeeze something in before the night is up. Which makes me realize how easy it is for me, under normal circumstances, to let it slide… Oh, I’ll just do something creative later on today, or maybe tomorrow, or when I’m inspired, or… and then I don’t make anything for long periods of time. Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed and challenged during this commitment to art making every day this month, I have really appreciated being more aware of my creative process and allowing myself to simply experience.

Driving into the city tonight was a nightmare. The sea of red brake lights snaked on for miles. I felt trapped, stuck and frustrated. I worried about not being prepared enough for a call I’m leading tomorrow, I got mad at myself for not leaving my house earlier, I was tired, drained, overwhelmed and was sucked into the feeling of “road block.” Hence the bleak, angry image above.


Fortunately, when I finally arrived at my destination (albeit an hour late!) I was so relieved to have made it to the SF Coaches meeting. The group was halfway through introductions which included sharing something you’re grateful for in honor of Thanksgiving. As each person shared all the wonderful gifts in their life, emotion swelled within me. I was touched by all the things people were opening up to and manifesting in their life and it got me to reflect on how blessed I am with all that I have in my life. Those earlier feelings of frustration, stuckness and gloom melted away. And in its place, joy and fulfillment resonated. It’s amazing how by being surrounded by people living on purpose and by naming what I’m grateful for I quickly tapped back into my higher self.

What road blocks easily trigger you and how do you get past them? How do you connect back with your higher self?

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