Clear the Clutter – AEDM Day 12


Since I already had my Gocco Printer out to personalize a handmade album for a client, I figured I’d use it for my art project for the day. I printed out several lotus blossom images on various sorts of paper including this red vellum already Gocco’ed with some calligraphy from my grandfather.

I intended to do a complicated, layered collage with all the different printed scraps, but then was drawn to the simplicity yet boldness of this arrangement. Reminds me that sometimes the best option is the simplest one! Given all the different balls I’ve been juggling in my work and personal life, I could use some simplification and focus. This image will connect me with that.

How do you bring simplicity and focus into your life? What do you do to clear the clutter?

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2 thoughts on “Clear the Clutter – AEDM Day 12”

  1. i love this piece. it’s gorgeous!

    well, i’ve got quite a bit of clutter, but i’m working on it by separating things into 3 areas (keep, donate, and toss) and then going from there.


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