Intuitive Painting Playtime

This morning I led an Intuitive Painting Playshop with a lovely, small gathering of women. I had so much fun being a steward of their creative process. And here I am with the wonderful Gina who came all the way from Sacramento.

I was delighted to find one of my scrap papers from teacher training pinned up on a wall at the studio. I think Nadine had asked us to jot down a few words to describe what freedom means to us. As I witnessed the women play today, I’m reminded how liberating the intuitive painting process is. How it’s a gentle doorway into your imagination, your creative flow, your intuitive wisdom, and your childlike self. A place where anything is possible.

Since I haven’t been to painting class in awhile, I took the opportunity after my playshop to pick up some paints and play around myself. This strange and colorful parrot/wobbly-legged flamingo/dodo bird appeared on the page. We’ll see where it takes me the next time I’m back at the studio. It’s always a surprise!

I’m excited to lead my next Intuitive Painting Playshop in August. If you’re in the Bay Area, I’d love to have you join us!

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