Summer Self-Care Friday

My self-care Fridays seem extra special during the summertime. The gorgeous sunny days and balmy breeze invite a carefree spirit.

Here’s how I’ve honored my self-care Friday so far today:

  • Went for a dip in the pool
  • Lounged in my backyard hammock
  • Got creative inspiration from flipping through Maira Kalman’s The Principles of Uncertainty
  • Sipped a luscious blueberry smoothie
  • Picked blackberries from the wild brambles that randomly grow in my backyard (maybe they’ll go into tomorrow’s smoothie!)

View from my hammock

I love how peaceful it is to look up at the  canopy of green leaves rustling in the breeze. It’s the perfect place to have my own zen-like mini-vacation.

How do you slow down and savor during the summer? What self-care practices can you incorporate into your life this weekend?

For more ideas on self-care and slowing down this summer, check out my final post on the wishstudio.

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