Pausing to Paint and Ponder

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed as of late. I’m back on deadline editing my manuscript. I’ve got lots of converging deadlines, piles of administrative crap, and a general lack of sleep. If it weren’t for my VA, bookkeeper, accountant, Nurture Huddle, and wonderful hubby, I would probably be at my wits end. Thank goodness I can lean on them for support!

Yesterday I was finishing up a video on self-care that will post tomorrow on Spring. It was a great reminder to ask myself what I needed in the midst of all that’s going on.

While I didn’t make it to painting class today, I carved out 15 minutes to connect with my inner muse. I covered the kitchen table with a huge sheet of butcher paper, squeezed some paints on to a tray, and allowed myself to enjoy the sensation of putting paint to paper.The paint even smelled good! It was amazing to just give myself that bit of time to recharge by doing something I love.

My deadlines aren’t going anywhere, and I acknowledge I’m just in a crunch time for the next few weeks. But even so, I know there are small, simple things I can do to stay grounded. I can pick up my paint brush again tomorrow, I’m drawing boundaries around e-mail correspondence, and I’m enjoying going for walks outside with my dog. Remembering to breathe is good, too!

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