A Visit to New World Library

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting the New World Library office to have lunch with my editor and meet the rest of the team. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and I’m very grateful to be partnering with them. I even got to briefly meet the co-founder and president Marc Allen who wrote the book Visionary Business. In it he shares that one of the keys to visionary business is to “write your business plan as a simple, clear visualization.” Well, get this, Marc always carries around his one-page visionary business plan. While we chatted, he reached into his back pocket and unfolded a well-worn, dog-earred sheet of paper that simply listed his goals and plans for the company. Very cool! You know I’m a fan of portable business plans!

Being at the office and talking about pub dates, seeing book cover comps, and hearing more about the production process made this dream of getting a book published feel that much more real. Woohoo! Many of my favorite reads are from New World Library (as you can see from my stack of books), so it’s thrilling to now be part of the family. By the way, one of their new books that I’m currently reading (on my new iPad!) is Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezen Miller and am loving it (the book and the iPad!).

The following few months will be focused on artwork, photos of Right-Brain Business Plans, and interior design. Then, in the summer we’ll start discussing marketing. And then the book launch will be early next year! I know there will be plenty of steps in between all of that. So I’ll just continue to enjoy the process. Next up, meeting with my friend and illustrator Kate later this week to get started on the fun drawings. Yay!

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  1. Hi Jenn–My husband Allen and I are New World Library authors too. Ours are the Angel Animals book series. I remember the time we visited the office. It was such a thrill to meet the wonderful team we would be working with for our first book with this publisher. Now, eight years later, we continue to be grateful for all their creativity and careful work. Congrats on the new book.

  2. So cool Jenn…can’t wait to see the finished product! I love a lot of NWL books too! Good luck and enjoy the process 🙂

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