Self-Care Friday and Creative Inspiration

Friday’s are my self-care days. I don’t schedule meetings or calls. I take quiet time to just be. To unplug.  To not feel obligated to do anything. It may not be for the entire day, but even just having a few hours of white space helps me recharge from the week.  When I don’t gift myself with this weekly mini-retreat, I get cranky and resentful. But when I allow myself to indulge in some breathing space, I can relax, enjoy, and even get inspired!

Today I treated myself to a much needed mani and pedi. Feels good to be able to wear sandals and flip flops proudly again! I also enjoyed a lovely walk in the sun with my dog.

Here’s my cute pooch Emmett hanging out in the front yard with me. Oh, he’s such a sweetie. Cuddles with Emmett are also a good part of self-care Fridays!

How do you practice self-care? What’s different for you when you enjoy breathing space?

P.S. – I had the pleasure of being interviewed on a few podcasts recently. If you’re wanting some creative inspiration, take a listen:

2 thoughts on “Self-Care Friday and Creative Inspiration”

  1. Hi Jenn! Love your blog! Such great information, ideas and reminders. I have been feeling the crankiness and tension building up and realized that I have not taken any ‘me’ time for a long time. I am scheduling a few days to have some ‘me’ time and I think perusing your blog for some creative ideas for inspiration during my ‘me’ time is on my agenda!
    Your dog looks like my dog – love those beagles!!
    Have a great week.

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