Wreck This Journal: Week 8 – Yoga Style

I can’t believe there’s only one more week of the Wreck This Journal journey.  This week’s wrecking revolved mostly around the theme of yoga.  The fabulous Connie, who is also a yogini and artist, inspired me to dabble in producing my own little video this week.  I call it “Wreck This Journal-asana.”

The yogic spiritual guidelines of the yamas and the niyamas showed up, too.   I practiced the yamas Aparigraha (greedlessness) by giving away some of my pages to friends.  I gave my “scrub this page” to Kate to include in her heartfelt brush + scrub adventures with her honey.  I practiced Ahimsa (nonviolence) by being kinder and gentler to my book this week. And I practiced the niyama of Swadhyaya (self-study) by doing the inner critic and good thoughts pages.


The inner critic thoughts remind me of vrittis (which in Sanskrit means vortex or circular activity with no beginning and no end).  In my yoga teacher training we learned about how these “mental modifications” color our perceptions.


I decorated my good thoughts page with lovely comments from my recent Creative Life interview on the amazing Susannah Conway‘s Ink on my fingers blog.  The collage was my answer to Susannah’s juicy question, “What does happiness look like to you?”  A perfect image to place on my good thoughts page.


I randomly picked a word from a page in the magazine for my “write one word over and over again page.”


Here are typical grocery lists from two of my favorite places to shop.


And finally, in the yogic practice of non-attachment, I dropped my journal into the mail today and left it in the hands of the postal service.  Now that’s an exercise in letting go!


22 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Week 8 – Yoga Style”

  1. Wonderful handwriting!
    The one-word-pages are very interesting, I wish we can put together all the words everyone of us has used, that would be nice….

  2. as lisa said – impressive indeed…
    and still more wonderful pages…love the simpsons stamps!
    and the GOOD page. and the grocery list – extra cool.

  3. beautiful pages, even your grocery list page is nice!
    those simpsons stamps are fun! i still haven’t sent my journal through the postal system…a bit of fear there!!

  4. I loved your pages! Your creations must be amazing if that’s what your wrecking looks like.

    (I’m waay behind on this and, amazingly, planned to do the one-word page today, the bad tomorrow, and the good on Sunday! So much synchronicity!)

    Your video was fantastic.

  5. This has to be my most favorite post on the Wreck this Journel journey. Afterall, you incorporated yoga and Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods into it. I love it!

  6. The yoga was fabulous, seems so calm compared to the WTJ book.
    I just cannot believe you can twist yoour body up like that and still get up afterward. I’d have to call 911

  7. wow! haha…I love your smile after you picked up the journal with your FEET! Again I love your artwork on these pages. AND your little side notes!

  8. You know you grinned like a little kid after the foot bit!? LOL Awesome video!!! I am astounded by how closely so many of us would recognize similarities between our negative pages. Hmmmm. Thank you for sharing so much of your journal. You are a WRECK STAR! KEEP ON WRECKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think I watched your video three or four times now!! You are such an elegant and strong Yogini! When I do headstand my legs look like they’re kicking the winning point for the World Cup!!!

    Plus, once again–your journal entries are fabulous!!

    Peace & Love.

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