A String of Serendipitous Events


These past couple of weeks have been filled with serendipitous events.  I love when that happens.  As @peacemeals shared with me on Twitter, “It’s how the universe talks to us.”

Well, the universe has been sending me lots of messages that I’m on my path and in my flow.  The other week, just a I was having an intuitive hit about an idea for a friend, she sent me an e-mail.  Yesterday, when I sent an e-mail to an editor I met at Book Expo, she wrote back with amazement that she had just pulled out my file that afternoon.  And I experienced several more e-mail related synchronicities over the past few days.  I also discovered that a friend of mine works with someone that I’ve been wanting to get in touch with.  Crazy!

I got to meet with a potential client from out-of-state as she happened to be in the area while en-route to Asia and another new client happened to be traveling to the Bay Area so I get to do my Foundation Session with her in-person instead of over the phone.

On Monday, I happened to bump into my dear friend Julie Daley at Bittersweet and we had a deep, heartfelt discussion about life and creativity.

To top it off, today I received the card that Kimberly Wilson had us write to ourselves three months ago at the Hip Tranquil Chick retreat.  My goals then revolved around completing my book proposal with ease and having a fruitful trip to Book Expo in May.  Perfect timing considering I just finished sending out my book proposal today!

In the wise words of my dear friend Leah Piken Kolidas, “loads of serendipity tells me I’m headed in the right direction!”

What path are you on?  What messages is the universe sending you?  What synchronicities have you opened yourself up to?

One thought on “A String of Serendipitous Events”

  1. It’s sending me butterflies.

    I know that sounds weird, but it is true.

    I’ve been wound up too tight lately to let the synchronicities in – but I think that I am beginning to unwind enough – and they are starting to come!!

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