Galleys Galore – Book Expo Recap


Last week I was in New York for Book Expo America, the largest trade show of the publishing industry.  For this first-time conference attendee and aspiring author, the show was overwhelming but also quite educational and inspirational.  I learned about and met various publishers and got a better sense of what goes on in the professional world of books!

I picked up several advanced copies (one of the show perks!) and I’m excited to dig in.  Plus, I got a sneak-peek at some cool titles coming out this fall including: Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey and the Craft Inc. Business Planner by Meg Mateo Ilasco.  Definitely check these out!  I was drooling.

I was so busy wandering the halls and soaking it all in that I didn’t get to any of the seminars.  Heard there were some good ones on social networking and e-books/Kindle.  During my roaming, however, I happened to bump into the brilliant and witty author Karen Salmansohn who I saw speak last year at a Ladies Who Launch event for her awesome book Bounce Back.  She was tremendously helpful and offered valuable feedback and insights into some of my projects.  I am so grateful!  Plus it was fun to see her in action giving love advice for her new book, Prince Harming: Break Bad Relationship Patterns for Good Using the Timeless Secrets of Aristotle. Man, this woman is sharp and hilarious!


My friend Cami Walker’s forthcoming book 29 Gifts: How One Month of Giving Changed my Life was featured at the Perseus Books booth.  I loved reading an excerpt from the samplers they had out and loved seeing her book cover (different from these samplers) displayed on a big screen at the booth, too.  She has an amazing personal story.  I’m thrilled for her, her book and her giving movement.


And not only did I get to hang out with my college roomie, Matea, in Brooklyn before the show, I also got to reunite with my friends Rae, Moon and Lesley from Kimberly Wilson’s March Hip Tranquil Chick Retreat.  Lesley was actually at BEA as well representing the Girl Scouts.  I was impressed by the programs and accompanying books they have for helping young girls build leadership skills.  Things sure have changed since I was a Brownie!

I’m still integrating all that I learned from my research, the contacts I made and the guidance from my book coach.  And I’m extremely excited about the next chapter of my own book ideas!

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  1. I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped into my mind was you–and wondering how your NYC book extravaganza went!! I’m so happy you blogged about it—just reading it makes me super excited–I can’t imagine the high you must be on!!! How much fun!!

    Peace & Love.

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