Hip Tranquil Chick Retreat in New York


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Kimberly Wilson’s Hip Tranquil Chick Retreat in New York.  Two-plus days full of creativity, yoga, journaling, meditation and lots of other yummy activities – who could ask for more?  Oh yeah, and some retail therapy (Kimberly brought pieces from her spring line of TranquiliT eco-clothing) so, of course, I had to pick up a few things!

I took Kimberly’s Yoga and Creativity workshop in San Francisco last year, so I enjoyed getting a whole weekend to bask in the hip and tranquil lifestyle!


There was a dreamy library brimming with books written by women.  I loved how there were lots of cozy corners in the farmhouse.  My intention for the weekend was self-care, so I went to bed early and slept in late and took every opportunity to nourish myself.


On Saturday night we made vision boards while watching Sex and the City.  It was lots of fun!  On the floor in the front, there’s Mary Knebel founder of Self Help Goddess, a website that brings together the best of self-help resources.


Kimberly invited me to lead a section of the retreat.  I guided the group through a visualization to meet their Inner Muse and we broke out the crayons, markers and glitter glue to create Inner Muse portraits.  What a treat to see the creativity flowing and to hear some of the personal discoveries.  Thanks, Kimberly for an amazing opportunity!!


Lesley Williams from the Creative Cookie and I paired up to discuss how we can improve aspects of our “Wheel of Life.”  It was great to share ideas for living a healthy life!


Kimberly had us do our vision boards on folders.  What a brilliant idea!  My vision board focused on finishing my book and book proposal with ease and flow. So many ideas bubbled up for me during this retreat and I’m excited to start working on them.  Also, participating in this retreat and getting to lead a couple of hours helped underscore for me my goal of leading retreats for women in the future.

Me with Kimberly Wilson and Sharon Burton

I had a blast getting to chat with Kimberly throughout the weekend.  And I was thrilled to finally meet my blogging buddy Sharon Burton in person!  We’ve been connecting on Twitter, Facebook and our blogs for some time and Sharon’s also taking my Right-Brain Business Plan Teleclass, so it was really cool to hang out with her!


And here are all the magnificent ladies!  I met such cool, amazing and inspiring women and I’m really excited about what they’re up to!

If you’re wanting to go on retreat either away or for a few hours at home, check out Jennifer Louden’s The Women’s Retreat Book which offers some great suggestions for designing your own personal getaway.  I highly recommend going on retreat at least once a year to clear your head and to relish in relaxation and rejuvenation.

(Note: last five photos are from Kimberly Wilson and Sharon Burton).

7 thoughts on “Hip Tranquil Chick Retreat in New York”

  1. Wonderful photos and a nice summary! I really enjoyed it and feel the need to have another one already, LOL! Thanks for being one of my best roomies as well!

  2. Ohhh!! I’m jealous!! That seems like it was so much fun and an absolute breath of fresh air!! There is so much power and healing in women circles–even if they are as brief as a weekend!! You are such an incredible person Jenn, always sharing so much of yourself to help others!! Nice that you take time to nurture yourself too.

    Peace & Love.

  3. Creativity, women circles, fun, books, visualisation, colors, relaxation, peaceful energy, right brain thinking style, laughing and travelling!
    It looks like my vision board, only mine is in Europe, France, Beaujolais and I wish I had gathered women of all backgrounds, ages and cultures to share these kind of magical learning and creative experiences!
    Good to witness it happening already, I believe I can make it happen as well!
    Good bye, and see you soon (I am going to sleep now!)

  4. This looks amazing! I dream of hosting a very similar weekend- what a nice treat to see one unveiled in actuality. Thank you for sharing your experience & photos!

    West Coast Chick Retreat- here we come!

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