AEDM Day 16: The Exploding Box

exploding box

Today’s creation: the “exploding box.”  After seeing my Unfolding Your Life Vision collage books and my collaged dream boxes, a lady launcher made me one of these surprising structures since she knew I would appreciate it.  I love how the box is simple yet complex. And that it unfolds!

I tried to follow a pattern that I found online.  However, I don’t do so well with measurements and instructions, so I ended up just reverse engineering it from the one I already had.

exploding box

I haven’t figured out yet how I want to decorate the inside pages.  I might play with seasons, directions, elements and/or stages of my life.  I’ll save that for another AEDM post!  What fun!

Speaking of fun, I had my friends over for book club this afternoon.  We dined outside in the warm sun and chatted a bit about Jodi Picoult’s page-turner My Sister’s Keeper, but mostly we just gabbed.  I love the excuse to get together and catch up.

P.S. – Some of you have asked for instructions to make an exploding box.  I found another link that looks like it makes more sense than the one I tried to use, so check out these directions.

P.P.S – Here’s a link to my finished Year-in-Review exploding box.

5 thoughts on “AEDM Day 16: The Exploding Box”

  1. came over from creative every day’s award and fell in love with this box – there are so many possibilities! Can you share the on line directions url? I also like the idea of drawing how your body feels. I must try that.

  2. Wow, Jenn, I love love love that box! I definitely want to make one. I’m about ready to actually create my Right Brain Business Plan, and I was thinking that the box could be my holistic vision board, with goals/values/ etc. on all the cards. That way I can carry my RBBP with me in my purse, but I keep the vision box on my altar.

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