Sacramento & Co. TV Appearance

Last Wednesday I was a guest on the live morning talk show Sacramento & Company where I spoke to the co-hosts about life coaching. It was my very first TV appearance and I was on the air in less than 24 hours of getting the call, which was perfect because I had less time to worry about it!

One of my 2008 goals in my Right-Brain Business Plan was to increase my media exposure, including being featured on TV. Even though it makes my palm sweaty just to write that here and my stomach was in knots the entire hour and a half drive back from the studio, I love that I am stretching myself outside my comfort zone. Each time I do, I learn and grow and new opportunities open up for me that I had never even considered before.

In fact, this opportunity was the result of meeting the very cool Jerusha Stewart at the Ladies Who  Launch Be Your Own Boss event last month.  (Sidenote: Signing up to do a vendor table there was another way in which I stretched myself as it encouraged me to finally finish my Unfolding Your Life Vision Kits and sell them!).  Anyway, Jerusha had mentioned me to the producers and I got called up when they needed a last minute guest!

Another lesson in showing up and saying YES!

The cool thing is before this opportunity even came about, I had already lined up a spot on our local talk show The View From The Bay.  I’ll be on live this coming Wednesday October 29th (yikes!).  I’ve been working with the very talented Chief Idea Bunny Adryenn Ashley to get ready.  I’ll write more later about how the VFTB opportunity manifested itself.

I’m noticing that even as I’m preparing to post this entry, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.  Ha, that’s a good sign that I’m outside my comfort zone again!

12 thoughts on “Sacramento & Co. TV Appearance”

  1. Oh my heaven…you were *AMAZING* and you continue to inspire me. Hopefully in your next interview you will have the opportunity to talk more about how you use art and creativity with your clients because your style is so unique. You are one of my Life Coach Role Models!


  2. You rock! You did fantastic! Very proud to now you and to have you as a launch leader. I know you will do great on View from the Bay. I am sending you good thoughts!

  3. You go girl. I think you have an amazing tv presence. Congratulations on meeting your 2008 media exposure goals. As always, I love what you are doing. I think it is so good for people to learn about the power of life coaching. My life coach Jocelyn is phenomenal just like you. I think it is a great gift to give oneself. Peace and Creativity. Ananda

  4. Way to go, Jen! You were awesome!!! So composed and approachable and engaging. You did a great job of explaining the profession and looked so comfortable on screen. Can’t wait to see you on VFTB! Thanks for inspiring me always to push myself outside of my comfort zone! – Suzannah

  5. You’re the true poster child for if “you can see it, you can be it!” Fabulous interview – you obviously didn’t need any coaching!

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