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Cami Walker of Creative Urge recently kicked off a new and meaningful challenge – the 29-Day Giving Challenge. Cami is uber-talented and also highly spiritual and intuitive. And her own story is really inspiring. Find out what spurred her to create and share this challenge. I began the challenge on 3/31. Here’s a recap of my first five days of the giving challenge:

  • Day One: Gifted one of my handmade Wish Boxes to Kate Prentiss for doing such an awesome job on my soon-to-be-ready brochure!
  • Day Two: My friend Fiona from London is in town. I picked her up from the airport and she crashed at my place before going to a training session in the morning. (So excited that I get to hang out with her Saturday afternoon when she’s done! And in London in a few weeks when I go to visit her!)
  • Day Three: Did a volunteer coaching call with Yessica, a client from C.E.O. Women.
  • Day Four: Volunteered my voice for Aurora Medina’s Plenty of Money meditation.
  • Day Five: Donated to Alison Ekizian’s AIDS Ride campaign.

In my work I feel like I naturally give a lot – a lot of support, encouragement, intense listening, resources, etc. I also love giving gifts, especially handmade ones. And I volunteer my time and money to causes that are important to me. This challenge, though, is helping me to expand what it means to give. And I hate to admit it but I’m noticing where I have resistance to giving (usually when it’s “inconvenient” for me or if I’m feeling strapped financially – see last post). What I love about the message from Cami and this challenge is that truly giving helps us get out of our own “stuff” and shifts the energy outward. Yes, there are times when it’s good to give to ourselves (I took a self-care day for myself today) AND that doesn’t mean we still can’t give to others. It’s not an either/or. I’m realizing I make it an either/or when I’ve pushed myself to the limit and I don’t have reserves left. So, my challenge to myself is to continue giving in some form even when I feel like I need to retreat. As Cami suggests, you can give anything – a material object, time, money, a kind word, a smile or even just positive energy. The key is to do it with intention. I look forward to discovering more insights during this challenge. And I’m excited to get creative about how else I can give.

Cami’s goal is to inspire at least 2,000 people to commit to the 29-Day Giving Challenge by 9/29/08. Won’t you join us? Spreading the word is one way to give!

P.S. – here’s a theme song to get you on your way… “Give a Little Bit” by the Goo Goo Dolls.

3 thoughts on “Give a Little Bit”

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks so much for the invitation to start giving. I’m celebrating all that you give to the world. And I’m so inspired by what Cami’s created. I’m going to pick a time before her deadline to participate.

  2. Jenn, YOU. ARE. WONDERFUL!!! I think I was afraid to sign up for the 29 Day Giving Challenge because I already feel tapped pretty thin–even in terms of time and emotion. But I love the idea of a smile being a gift…those little things that make life better for everyone.

    And I’m sorry that it took me such a ridiculously long time to read your money post, but I LOVED it! 🙂 I requested the Money Magic book from the library and am looking forward to reading it.

    As for time spent with Fiona, you are so LUCKY!! 🙂 I love that girl. I wish I was there to.

    much love,

  3. Hi Jen, Thanks for turning my on to the 29-Day Giving Challenge. I’ve posted about it on BlogHer and my own blog, Have Fun * Do Good, to spread the word.

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