Inspiring Incubatresses

A couple of hours ago we wrapped up night two of our March Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive. I am blown away by this group’s overflow of positive energy and generous spirit. There is a deep soulful connection that these women created in just one week!

One of our Incubatresses Kate Prentiss was so moved by fellow Incubatress Karon Fields and her non-profit Rooms for Change, that she set out to raise $1,000 for Karon’s cause within a week. You bet we had to whip out the tissues tonight when Kate handed more than $1,000 to a surprised and speechless Karon. Kate’s act of kindness exemplifies the power of seeing a need, setting a goal, speaking it out into the world and enlisting support from others. As Victoria and Beth say in their Ladies Who Launch book, to launch anything you first imagine it, speak it, do it and then celebrate it. We sure celebrated tonight! And it’s just the beginning for these 10 star ladies. We have two more weeks of Incubator magic together and I can’t wait to see what more blossoms. It’s amazing what happens when you bring together a group of strong, creative and giving women!

On a side note, I’m really excited to have met Kate at the end of last year. Not only is she an incredibly talented designer and artist (who’s helping me with my brochure and several upcoming creative projects) she’s a super cool and inspiring friend. I knew she and I would click when I had my first meeting with her and her Creative Urge business partner Cami Walker (another totally inspiring, creative gal and fellow launcher). We were playing with unique brochure formats and all three of us were going totally ga-ga over little bits of folded paper! I was with my creative peeps!

And look at this cool poem Kate shared with me at the end of tonight’s session…


Wow, I’m so blessed to have these fabulous women in my life!!!

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  1. oh my goodness! bloglines has not been letting me know that you’ve been updating and now i feel like–wow!–jackpot!! 🙂 i feel so wonderfully filled by your positive energy. i truly love reading your blog. you are a treasure!

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