Educational Melting Pot


Tonight I was a guest presenter at C.E.O. Women’s four-month entrepreneurial training program. C.E.O. Women is an amazing organization based here in Oakland that helps low-income immigrant and refugee women start their own business. These brave, dedicated women hail from around the world… Nigeria, St. Lucia, Ethiopia, Peru, Vietnam and Japan to name a few.

Our focus for this evening was market research and we had a good discussion about different ideas for gathering data about customers, products and services. I love seeing how the women help each other out with suggestions and encouragement.

One of the things I admire about this organization is the creative way they’ve designed their outreach programs. Not only do they offer ESL with their business training, they also provide coaching and mentoring, and last year they developed a groundbreaking telenovella educational video to teach the entrepreneurial concepts and language in an engaging and entertaining way.

With women launching their businesses at three times the rate of men, it’s great to know that groups like this are empowering women from all ethnic and economic backgrounds.

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