Magic Wand – AEDM Day 21


Every Wednesday, Jamie invites people to share their hopes and dreams on her Wishcasting blog. In the spirit of wishcasting, I decided to finally make my magic wand. Since it’s from a kit, I personalized it a bit by stamping the words, “wish” and “believe” on the front and back.

I’m a fan of wishing. My collaged wish boxes encourage people to hope and dream and I use them myself to help visualize what I want to manifest in my life. I write my goals and dreams on little cards and revisit them every once in awhile to see what’s already come true. And even though I give myself permission to wish (many people struggle with the pie in the sky thinking), I also place tremendous value on believing in myself and on taking action to move forward. And when I’m doubting myself, I turn to my blessings box to remind me of all the things I already have in my life to be grateful for. That usually helps me shift my perspective from doubt and worry to abundance and appreciation.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for? What bold actions would you need to take to help this dream manifest?

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3 thoughts on “Magic Wand – AEDM Day 21”

  1. Your wish at Wishcasting blew me away. I can so relate to trying to make peace and friends with a sensitive nature.

    I wish I had a magic wand! That’s my wish, for now.

  2. I bought a plastic magic wand at the dollar store for the head counselor at the school where I work. It makes a tinkly noise and lights up when she waves it. She uses it sometimes when she’s counseling students. I only wish I’d bought one for myself. 😉 (I had to plow through a basket of them to find one that worked–or I would have bought two.)

    I read Barbara Sher’s “Wishcraft” over 20 years ago…and it’s still a touchstone book for me.

    I believe there’s great power in wishing! 🙂

  3. I think we must both be magical wish fairies, encouraging wishes to grow. Thanks so much for spreading the Wishcasting love!

    May all your wishes come true.

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