Autumn Leaf – AEDM Day 20


Fiery oranges, yellows and dark reds popped out of the landscape as I walked my dog this morning. The turning leaves looked brilliant against the crisp, blue fall sky. I love how autumn makes me so aware of transition, of moving from the lush abundance and freedom of summer, to hunkering down, keeping warm and taking a more internal focus.

This drawing was done in colored pencil on the back of a grocery bag, which adds a nice rustic element.

How does the season change affect you? What do you notice as the leaves turn color? What transitions are taking place in your life?

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One thought on “Autumn Leaf – AEDM Day 20”

  1. i love how you drew this on a paper bag! it’s lovely! i love the colors of fall and the turning inward and the hot chocolate. 🙂

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