A Sip of Serenity – AEDM Day 19


After a full week and weekend, I savored some open, spacious time this Monday morning. The scent of Tahitian vanilla filled the room as I brewed a cup of Yogi Comfort tea and sat down with my paints and papers. Ahhh, it felt good to give myself permission to simply create. I love the peacefulness and simplicity of tea. I love how it warms me up on a chilly day. So what better subject to focus on.


This piece is actually pretty small – 4″x4″. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and this felt like the perfect size. The fortune on the top reads “Our first and last love is Self-Love” which will remind me to take time out for myself like I did this morning. That when I replenish myself by doing things I love and by practicing self-care, my tea cup of love, creativity and inner harmony flows freely. And I stamped the character for longevity in gold in the left-hand bottom corner as another reminder that by slowing down, I will actually have more staying power, endurance and strength for my journey.

How do you replenish yourself? How can you take time out today to breathe? What’s available to you when you allow yourself to just be?

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