Thanksgiving Dinner – AEDM Day 22


When I was little, I got so excited when my mom would ask me to be in charge of setting the table for special occasions. My budding inner-Martha had a field day thinking up what I would create. I loved folding the napkins just so – sometimes in the shape of flowers or fancy triangles. And I often times got to make the centerpiece. Sometimes I drew pictures to display (including pilgrims and turkeys for Thanksgiving, Noah’s ark for my twin nephews’ baby shower and even Voltron for my cousin’s birthday party!). Other times I simply arranged decorative objects like I did for today.


During our big Thanksgiving gatherings with my cousins we would go around the kids’ table and say what we were grateful for. Those were fun days. This morning I reflected on the many things I am thankful for in my life right now – Brian, my friends and family, my home, living in the beautiful Bay Area, my dog, my health, my work, my creativity, nature, connection with myself and the world and so much more (oh and I’m very thankful for the new nearby Whole Foods for preparing the majority of our feast!). 😉

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