Stringing it all Together – AEDM Day 7

I’ve had a magical past 24 hours. Last night I led my first Ladies Who Launch Incubator here in Oakland and it was such fun! I love this work and am so inspired by all the amazing, creative projects that each woman is launching.

I felt like I did when I was a kid on Christmas Eve – having sooo much fun at the Christmas Eve party with all my cousins, playing games, having fun, not wanting to go to bed and excited to get up first thing in the morning to open presents. I couldn’t sleep because of all the energy from the Incubator AND because I was anxious to hear this morning about a position I had applied for a couple of weeks ago. Well, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve been selected as a Quest Circle Coach for the Coaches Training Institute and will now be part of the CTI family, which has been one of my dreams!

To top it off, I had lunch plans with my friend/mentor, Caroline, at her whimsical house boat in Marin. My art project for today came spontaneously as she shared her latest passion of stringing colorful beads. As we finished up a scrumptious lunch, she spread out her rainbow of beads on the table. I was a kid in a candy store! I made a serene strand of lovely green/blue beads accented with a yellowish gold. Like in knitting, I enjoyed how the pattern naturally emerged as I strung each bead. A reminder to just trust the creative process.


Once I was done, Caroline found just the right spot to hang it from her sea shell chandelier. This one-of-a-kind, gorgeous jellyfish-like fixture is adorned with several strands of beads handmade by her and many of her friends and family that visit. What a cool community art project and a way to honor the important people in her life!

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2 thoughts on “Stringing it all Together – AEDM Day 7”

  1. congratulations, jennifer!! that’s great about being selected as a quest circle coach!!

    the beads look so lovely all strung together. that must have been so much fun!

  2. I know I’ve already said it, but you really can’t say it enough – YAY YOU!!! Congratulations on making your dreams come true! (Cheering and applauding) (Champagne popping) (Fireworks exploding) You rock!

    And what an inspiring idea the beaded strings are. I imagine it would be just wonderful to have those shared memories and creations in your home!

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