Purls of Wisdom – AEDM Day 8


I just got home from a knitting class at Article Pract. The talented and creative Julie Weisenberger, of Coco Knits, is teaching us how to make adorable felted baskets.

I was totally frustrated with myself because I didn’t get very far, was rusty with the needles and I forgot to practice casting on beforehand. I was reminded of how I tend to feel “remedial” when I’m learning new skills, especially in a group class. I do the whole comparison thing, get distracted by other people and I really hate reading instructions that have numbers or things to count. Lots of gremlin thoughts wrapped up in all that! My friend kept reminding me to just have fun – otherwise my stitches would be too tight ;).

It usually takes me awhile to get comfortable with a pattern. Once I can see the pattern taking shape, I find my groove and start to really enjoy myself. I think that’s probably a pattern (pun intended) that shows up in my life, too! When I’m trying something new, I can be really hard on myself and have high expectations. Then once I ease in and start to get a feel for where things are heading, I allow myself to enjoy the process. Would be nice to accelerate that ramp up time!

Anyway, I’m excited to do my first felting project and I think the end product of a wavy striped green and blue basket will be really cute. Must practice patience!

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