Modeling Clay Metamorphosis – AEDM Day 6


Another day, another medium. I noticed this afternoon that I had some hints of feeling blue and the urge to just curl up in bed (which I did for a bit and it was just what I needed!). Must be anxiety about a couple of big things I have coming up in the next few days. So, I thought I’d work with those emotions in my artwork for Day 6.

I started off molding the clay into a figure curled up ball with hands cradling the head. That’s basically how I felt earlier today. And knowing that I have the option to change my perspective (like I did with my Day 2 piece), I wanted to also play with transforming that same piece of clay into a more expansive, open and confident figure. So, I spent a few minutes consciously reshaping it into the figure below which felt much more inviting and full of possibilities. A much better place to come from as I lead my first Ladies Who Launch Incubator tonight!


Leah (the creator of Art Every Day Month) had a great post today about “Digging into Defining Beliefs.” She shares about her own journey of uncovering her limiting beliefs and doubts and how she has come so far since. She’s got some great examples of how to reshape your own thinking to be more positive, productive and affirming. Just what I needed for today :)! And I love her encouragement to just keep creating and putting yourself out there without apology!

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  1. thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words 🙂 so glad to have found your inspiring site! i love this idea of reshaping and gaining a new perspective and momentum…wonderful. xo

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