Seeing Different Perspectives – AEDM Day 2


Day 2 of NaBloPoMo and Art Every Day Month! My intent for this piece was just to take up the whole space with oil pastels. The end result is nothing like what I envisioned in my mind, but I like that something completely new emerged.

My friend Dorie, an Expressive Arts Therapist in training, shared with me that during her art making she takes photos to capture the progression of the piece. I thought that would be interesting to play with here…

uylv-aedm-02a1.jpg uylv-aedm-02b1.jpg
uylv-aedm-02c1.jpg uylv-aedm-02d1.jpg

I also started to rotate the page as I filled in all the white space, to discover how I might want to add more color and lines. It was cool to notice how shifting the angle changed my perspective.

If I hold an inquiry (such as “What would more balance in my life look like?”) as I ponder the different points of view, I can be open to new ways of responding.

In the top horizontal version, the yellow center looks like an eye, so I could choose to have more “focus” on what I am doing.


But as I rotated it clockwise, I started to see a woman with her hair flipped out over her shoulders and talking on a phone. Perhaps, I can seek out more girl-talk with my friends.


From this angle, the yellow and blue circles seem to be lying next to each other or embracing. I could spend more quality time with my husband.


And in this view, I can see a candle flame flickering with smoke wisping above which makes me imagine lighting a candle and meditating or another way of looking at it is to follow my passion.

See how there are so many more options made available by accessing my creative wisdom??

What do you notice by shifting your perspective? What new choices, options or innovative solutions surface from your intuition? Playing with different perspectives is a powerful coaching skill and it helps us to get unstuck. In fact, in my coaching, I use a tool from Karin Bauer, creator of Guidance Cards, which can be used to help clients uncover new ways of seeing a situation.

Try on a new point of view today!

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3 thoughts on “Seeing Different Perspectives – AEDM Day 2”

  1. beautiful drawing!! as i’m watching the weather right now, it makes me think of a hurricane and the eye of the storm. i really liked how the drawing shifted as you shifted your perspective!

  2. Wow…this is such a great drawing. I’m always amazed at what artist can do. I’m very creative, but when it comes to doing something ‘non-concrete’ and ‘free thought’, I don’t think I’m very good.

    I love the idea of getting some supplies and just ‘drawing’ and using the color as a stress relief activity, which I really think it is. You mentioned this was with oil pastels (chalk?), but what kind of paper do you recommend? Teach those who are non-artist types, like me! =)

    Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to the rest of the month.

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