Bee Creative Every Day – AEDM Day3


On Day 3 of Art Every Day Month, I took an encaustic painting class (painting using melted beeswax). I enjoyed learning a new medium and look forward to playing around with it more. My mixed-media collage features photos of my grandfather and Japanese paper. A few years ago, I created a collage book about my grandfather’s story of being the first Japanese-American employee at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, so it was nice to reconnect with that.

Rock Paper Scissors, where I took today’s class, is a cool artists’ co-op in Oakland that offers free and low-cost workshops to help foster creativity, community and collaboration. Watch this YouTube video to see the space and hear more about what they’re up to.

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2 thoughts on “Bee Creative Every Day – AEDM Day3”

  1. what a cool place! so glad you took that encaustic class and enjoyed it!! the encaustic piece you created is great!!

  2. Very cool work that you’ve created. There’s something special about work that springs out of your life and history.

    And thanks for sharing that video. I was truly inspired by it.

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