Sparkling Sage

While assisting a Process coaching course at CTI this past weekend, I got some great coaching on my life purpose statement. I had created one several years back that I have since outgrown and revised, yet something was still missing.

My coach commented on how wise I seem despite my age – something I’ve heard before as well. So we played with the combination of wisdom and playfulness. After skipping across the room, we noticed the energy seemed lighter and my coach offered up the word sparkle. At first I resisted saying it didn’t feel like me, but said that I would try it on.

By the end of the afternoon I had truly stepped into my new life purpose statement, “I am the Sparkling Sage who creates space for beauty, breath and being.” Even the participants and leaders commented on how the new statement resonated with who they saw me being.

This morning, I was inspired to paint something to help me further explore the idea of Sparkling Sage. I knew I wanted it to have green and some pink and definitely an iridescent sheen. I also knew I wanted to include the mantra “Lokha samastha sukhino bhavantu” which means in Sanskrit, “May all beings everywhere be happy and free.” I hadn’t painted something in quite some time, so it felt good to have the creative juices flowing again.

And I’m happy to have a new life purpose statement to fit how I’m showing up now and where I’m moving toward. A life purpose statement serves as an internal compass to help guide me on my path. It helps me know when I’m living my life “on purpose.” What is your life purpose? What is your impact? Who are you becoming?

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  1. This post brought to mind something Carmen did on her blog recently. She asked us to give ourselves names using our first name…a flower, herb or tree for a middle name…and our favorite word for our last name. I chose Marilyn Sage Wisdom…and then immediately forgot about it…thereby forgoing any hope of remotely living up to it in even the tiniest sense. 😉

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