My One Year Anniversary of Freedom

This weekend I celebrated my one year anniversary of taking the leap from Corporate America to live my dreams! To honor the milestone, I uncharacteristically threw myself a “Freedom Party” (part of my goal to step out more and be seen!) and invited friends and family who have supported me on my journey.

My parents drove up from L.A. to help me prep which was so amazing given what a full week I had leading up to the party. We grilled yummy chicken and shrimp skewers and feasted on a wide assortment of decadent desserts.

The biggest treat of all was spending the day with so many important people from all different parts of my life. Of course there were my parents, Brian and his parents and then there were friends from school and work, coaching friends, family and even my neighbor (also a Gap girl) came over from across the street.

In this picture are friends representing my high school, college, Accenture and Gap days. I hadn’t seen my high school speech friend Cat (in the purple) in probably 10 years and am so thrilled that she’s recently moved to the Bay Area. How timely that my parents also brought up a box of my old speech trophies. The morning of my party I was reading the notes on the bottom of some of the trophies. Our speech coach Mr. Fong always encouraged us to capture our thoughts about the event on the bottom of the trophy so we could remember what the experience was like. I’m so glad we did that as I was able to reminisce on one of my major accomplishments of making it to the state championships, along with Cat, my senior year. I wrote 15 years ago, “This trophy means so much to me because it represents the hardest fight I had to face this year in speech, overcoming my doubts. It feels so great to have all the right things happen for me finally.” Those words rung true for me, too, on this new milestone as I reflected back on a year of being out on my own.

Not only did I reflect on the past year, but I also looked out toward next year and asked the guests to also answer the question “What do I want my life to look like one year from now?” We wrote our responses on “lily pads” that we placed on the “Take a Leap” pond. Even some folks who couldn’t come sent in their responses to be included in the festivities. Some highlights of my intentions for the next year include (gulp!…) writing a book, creating creativity/coaching kits, being a leader for CTI, leading workshops and retreats that make a positive difference in people’s lives, continuing to grow my coaching practice, being peaceful and fulfilled, connecting deeply with Brian and spending quality time with him and our dog Emmett.

It was cool to see the array of dreams in the “pond.” If you’re so inspired, I invite you to add your response to the question, too! I look forward to seeing how all of our visions manifest over the coming year.

I feel so grateful to be living my dreams and to have the support and love of my family and friends. Here’s to another amazing year!

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