Creativity Yoga

This week has been very full AND fulfilling! What a great way to lead up to my one-year anniversary tomorrow of escaping Corporate America.

Today was the Dream Box workshop for the June It’s Yoga Teacher Training group. I was so happy to be back in the studio sharing a creative look at yoga with fellow yogis. The group had such great energy and it was so evident that they were very close. And I was so thrilled when one student came up to me afterward and said that she, “hadn’t had this much fun since the 4th grade!”

A previous participant happened to stop by during the workshop and shared with the group how three of her dreams from her dream box have already come true since last month! And I had the special treat of getting a surprise visit from my classmate, Donovan, who also shared with me some amazing dreams that are coming true for him around taking yoga out to the world to make a positive difference. He’s leaving soon for Cambodia to teach yoga. Very inspiring stuff!

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  1. that’s wonderful! how wonderful to be able to share dreams and creativity in this way. it sounds like a perfect day to me!

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