Map of the Human Heart

The year 2007 holds tremendous potential and I need a map to guide me on the adventure ahead. During a recent session with my coach, she had me visualize the landscape of my future vision. Where does creativity, fulfillment and, yes, even fear reside? What are the colors and sensations of this place? Where am I in this picture?

Using my notes and memories of this vivid place, I picked up my art supplies this morning and started mapping out my path on a large sheet of paper. I laid down colors and lines. The forest of fear was easy for me to depict (I know it well!). Yet, to my surprise the rest of the landscape came with ease as well. Words sprouted up in the different areas — “growth,” and “fertile ground,” in the spring grass, “flow” and “connection” in the river and of course “playful” and “friendship” in the pink flowers.

When I finished, I realized that this isn’t a map of foreign, unchartered territory. It is a map of my current journey and I’m on the right path of following my heart!

Go ahead and pack your bags — visitors are welcome! Where will your map take you? What features are in your landscape? What’s it like on your journey?


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The Law of Attraction

Yesterday I finally watched the movie, “The Secret.” A friend first told me about it back in June – oddly enough right after I left my corporate job to pursue my personal passions. Then in the following months “The Secret” kept popping up in conversation, especially as I talked about my work as a coach and artist around intention and inspiration.

What Is  The SecretI’ve continued to attract “The Secret” to me. This past weekend at the Bay Area Women’s Living Expo in San Mateo I sold my wish boxes and blessings boxes and several people brought up the movie there, too. My friend Tracey who was helping me Saturday morning had recently seen it and said my art and approach was totally in line with the movie’s messages about the Law of Attraction. And throughout the expo, we kept drawing in others who knew about “The Secret.” I even saw a fellow eWomen Network member who offered to lend it to me. So, I got it in the mail the other day and despite feeling stressed and pressed for time, I set aside the morning to watch it.

Afterward I was re-energized about my work around helping people manifest their dreams and about my own dreams, too! It reminded me that each of us has the power to create the life we want. Several well known writers, speakers and other inspirational and informative experts are featured, including the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus.

If you don’t know about “The Secret” yet, I recommend taking a look at the video and opening your eyes to the power of positive thoughts and feelings. And if you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction it’s a great reminder to live with intention.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

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Visual Travel Journal

Our recent 3-week trip to Turkey, Egypt and Greece was full of adventure and inspiration. The great thing about being on a cruise is seeing lots of different places without having to pack and unpack! And it’s a good way to get a taste of where we might want to spend more time on a future trip. Greece is definitely on the list! And Turkey was fascinating, too, with its blend of Asian and European culture and Islamic, Byzantine and Catholic architecture — it was truly a feast for the eyes. And yes, when we were in Istanbul, I couldn’t resist playing the song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by They Might Be Giants on my iPod!

Some highlights of our travels included riding donkeys down 1,000 steep, slippery steps on the cliffs of stunning Santorini, visiting the vast and exotic global spice bazaar in Istanbul, touring the ancient community of Ephesus in Turkey and walking around the Acropolis in Athens.

Of course Brian took amazing pictures, which we’ll share soon. I took the opportunity to fill my travel journal with sketches to capture the experience. Here are some pages below:

We had a day in beautiful Mykonos. The iconic white-washed buildings and blue doors seemed almost unreal they were so picturesque! I enjoyed having leisure time to stroll the curving streets and even sketch some of the vivid doors.

Also in Mykonos, our stroll along the winding walkways and coast ended at the string of windmills overlooking the ocean. Brian even gave me a photography lesson there!

We trekked on to Cairo to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. It was pretty cool to witness these wonders in person! We also visited the National Museum where I sketched this bust of a female pharaoh named Hatshepsut who was the only other woman Egyptian ruler besides Cleopatra.

Also, at the Cairo National Museum, I was drawn to the sculpture of Hathoric, the goddess of music and festivities. Seemed like a great muse for my exploration of fun and creativity. We also spent time in the bustling port city of Alexandria. One of the cool sites we saw there was the new Alexandria Library that boasts room for 4 million books!

After touring Egypt, we headed back to Greece where we visited Corfu, Olympia and Athens. I would love to go back to Greece, especially the lush island of Corfu with its breath-taking views of the sea and plentiful cypress and olive trees.

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My Own Artistic Archaeological Dig

As I gear up for my Aegean Sea cruise to visit ancient ruins and commune with Greek Goddesses and Egyptian Queens, I notice how I’ve been “digging up” my own “art”-ifacts from the land of childhood creativity. (See past posts). Here’s to nourishing with my Inner Muse!


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My Future Vision

A few months ago I leapt from Corporate America into the world of entrepreneurship to pursue my passions around creativity and coaching. I’ve been enjoying the journey so far. And yes, I’ve had my moments of “oh my God, what am I doing?!” Yet, I trust I am following the right path.

Back in June and July I participated in a business incubator course through Ladies Who Launch in San Francisco. One assignment was to dream up a future press release about my business (see below). I had fun imagining grandiose things for myself and it was a great exercise to help crystallize what I want. If after reading it you have ideas for me on how to make these dreams come true, I’d love to hear from you!

I even shared my press release with some friends and one of them took the idea and ran with it. He wrote up his own press release and then sent it off to everyone he knows! To read Mark’s future vision press release, visit his blog Tip of the Sword. I hope you’ll be inspired to dream up your own press release and share it with the world, too!

Jenn’s Future Vision Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (5 years from now!)

Creativity Coach and Self-Help Sensation, Jennifer Lee, honored as “Innovative Coach of the Year” by the International Coach Federation

San Francisco, CA —September 1, 2011 — Today, the International Coach Federation (ICF) honored artist and life coach Jennifer Lee with their first ever “Innovative Coach of the Year” award for her cutting edge inception of “art visioningâ„¢.” This non-traditional approach blends the self-development, self-expression and self-awareness elements of art and life coaching to help people discover and live their life vision.

“Jennifer has an amazing gift for bringing beauty into the world and she shows us that feminine leadership — nurturing, intuitive and loving — is powerful,” said Dr. Barbara Mark, ICF President. “Whether through art, emotional expression or coaching, Jennifer’s sensitivity inspires us to reflect and discover our own vision via a creative, personal approach. She has made the benefits of coaching available to the masses in a way that’s tangible, accessible and, of course, elegant.”

“I am extremely excited and honored to be the first recipient of the ICF’s ‘Innovative Coach of the Year’ award! I love that art visioning gives people space to breathe, center and tap into their greatest potential. I’m encouraged to see that people are drawn to this new way of looking at their lives more fully and I’m curious about what else unfolds,” said Jennifer of her prestigious award.

As a pioneer in the field of art visioning, Jennifer has successfully blended collage, visualization, storytelling, visual arts and book arts with the collaborative, inquiry-based and goal-oriented approach of life coaching. She started off with separate businesses, running a life coaching practice and selling handmade books and wish boxes. But she soon discovered that there were synergies between the two. Setting off to better integrate her own life vision, Jennifer began experimenting with weaving artistic elements into her coaching and using powerful questions and self-discovery in her commissioned art projects.

Now, she is the creator of several licensed workshop programs and kits. Examples include “Unfolding Your Life Visionâ„¢” which results in a unique accordion book to serve as a visual reminder for your values and goals and “We are the Heroines of our own Storiesâ„¢” which uses collage, book arts and personal life history to honor who you’ve been and who you’re becoming in the next chapter of your life. Drawing on her previous corporate background she is currently developing programs to bring more soul and creativity into the workplace.

Her exquisite and coveted handmade wish boxes have been featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things and on Martha Stewart’s daily TV show and magazine. They are popular gift items at online shops ranging from high-end retailers such as and to specialty stores like and

Jennifer is also the best-selling author of, “Unfolding Your Life Visionâ„¢,” a groundbreaking and inspiring book that defies conventional format, helping people to look at their lives differently. A feast for the eyes and the soul, this original piece features her paintings, collages and boxes and even showcases her clients’ revealing art and success stories. The book also includes informative steps and tips on how to unfold your own life vision.

Known for being creative, insightful and calming, Jennifer is a sought after coach, consultant, workshop facilitator, speaker, artist and yoga instructor. She is also a leader for The Coaches Training Institute. She loves working with professional women seeking more balance and fulfillment who crave a fresh approach to changing their lives and living their dreams.

For information on her products and services visit:
# # #

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Color Chronicles

The following piece was the result of dancing to music inspired by a color and illustrating the movement and experience on paper. It was an exercise in being spontaneous, playful, silly and messy (things that I don’t typically embrace!). After reflecting on the artwork, haikus suddenly sprang to mind (it helped that “color chronicles” serendipitously had five syllables). I had fun just letting the words flow even if they didn’t make any sense. That was the point, right?








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The First Chapter


When I was in L.A. for the 4th of July holiday, I found some artwork from my childhood. One piece included my very first handmade book that I crafted from Little Twin Star stationery when I was 4-years old.

My mom played piano then and I remember creating my own book of music full of made up notes and song titles (including one about Superman) so I could play along.

I guess I had a penchant for bookbinding all those years ago!


Some other findings were the first drawing I did of a dog at the age of 4. Funny how they kind of look like Emmett!


And something that looks like a prelude to my accordion books!


I also found some illustrations from 6th grade of our weekly vocabulary words. I remember having fun filling in all the squares.



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Tickled Pink

This is a painting I did in in less than an hour.

My assignment: 20 min. to gather “pink” materials and 20 min. to create.Pink was my favorite color as a kid and painting this pink potpourri helped me get back in touch with that giggly pig-tailed young girl.

I call it “tickled pink.”

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