Map of the Human Heart

The year 2007 holds tremendous potential and I need a map to guide me on the adventure ahead. During a recent session with my coach, she had me visualize the landscape of my future vision. Where does creativity, fulfillment and, yes, even fear reside? What are the colors and sensations of this place? Where am I in this picture?

Using my notes and memories of this vivid place, I picked up my art supplies this morning and started mapping out my path on a large sheet of paper. I laid down colors and lines. The forest of fear was easy for me to depict (I know it well!). Yet, to my surprise the rest of the landscape came with ease as well. Words sprouted up in the different areas — “growth,” and “fertile ground,” in the spring grass, “flow” and “connection” in the river and of course “playful” and “friendship” in the pink flowers.

When I finished, I realized that this isn’t a map of foreign, unchartered territory. It is a map of my current journey and I’m on the right path of following my heart!

Go ahead and pack your bags — visitors are welcome! Where will your map take you? What features are in your landscape? What’s it like on your journey?


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