Kiss the Paper Love


The past week I haven’t been feeling all that great.  Have had a mild case of the stomach bug that’s been making the rounds. So, the last few days I’ve been taking it easy.

Yesterday, Kate came by to hang out for a bit.  She came bearing get well soon daffodils (so sweet) and a super thoughtful gift to celebrate the half-way mark of our collaborative project, Kiss the Paper.


She got me the book “Learning to Love You More” which features a thought-provoking and inspiring collection of artwork from people all over the world who responded to a series of assignments started in 2002.  What a cool creative project!  If you want to get your work on the website, they’re taking sumbissions until May 1st, 2009.

AEDM Day 18: Book Sell Sheet Part I

We just had our Ladies Who Launch Oakland member meeting tonight.  I invited bestselling author and publishing expert Jennifer Basye Sander to give us insider tips on how to get published.  Writing and publishing seem to be in the air.  On Thursday, I’ll be participating in a call “Ask the Author: Writing/Coaching” through the Creative Artists community that I co-lead on the Co-Active Network.  Plus, several of my clients happen to be working on books and I’m slowly plugging away at my own book.

A couple of months ago my book coach suggested that I do a visionboard-esque sell sheet for my book to help inspire me.  She sent me a few examples of traditional sell sheets and encouraged me to make one with my own creative flair.  So, that’s what I took on for my art for today.  I’m also working on the back side that has more details like bio, media and marketing highlights and testimonials.  Last year, I made a fake book jacket and that manifested in being featured in two books this year.  So, I’m hoping that by creating this visual reminder for myself, I’ll be more focused on my writing and finishing the rest of the draft.

I enjoy writing when I allow myself to jump in and be in the flow.  It’s just a matter of making that time and energy commitment.  As I reflect on passing the AEDM half-way point, I notice that I habitually save the art for the end of the day.  No wonder why, under normal day-to-day circumstances, art-making falls by the way side.  Same with the writing.  It doesn’t happen unless I carve out time on my calendar (and turn off my e-mail!!).  So, tomorrow I’m blocking out noon to 4:00pm to spend on writing and book-related work in preparation for my weekly 9:00am Thursday check-in with my ever-so-patient book coach.

P.S. – The Tuesday Kiss the Paper posts are up.  My question to the sisters this week was, “What do you wish for your sister?”

AEDM Day 11: What I Love About Me

Tonight’s art is inspired by my week four question to Kate and Molly on the sisters’ blog Kiss The Paper.  This week’s prompt is “What do you love most about you?” as a follow up to last week’s prompt “What do you love most about your sister?”  It’s been so cool to witness the amazing creations from this dynamic duo!  Makes me wish I had a sister!

I had fun answering the same question as my Art Every Day challenge for Day 11.  You can click on the image above to see a larger version.

I’d love to hear… What do you love most about YOU?

Kiss the Paper

This past week I ventured into a new creative project with Kate and her sister Molly.  They are both awesome artists and illustrators (as you can tell from the super cute co-created image above).  And they come from a highly creative family!  This collaboration, called “Kiss the Paper,” is the paper blog correspondence of two sisters who live in San Francisco and Oakland. I have the honor of prompting these talented sisters with an inquiry each Tuesday.  They’ll take that week to craft their artistic responses and post on the blog.  Kiss the Paper will be published every Tuesday for 52 weeks.

This week’s question is, “What is it to be a sister?”  Their responses got me all choked up, they were so sweet!  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the question, too, so check it out!