AEDM Day 11: What I Love About Me

Tonight’s art is inspired by my week four question to Kate and Molly on the sisters’ blog Kiss The Paper.  This week’s prompt is “What do you love most about you?” as a follow up to last week’s prompt “What do you love most about your sister?”  It’s been so cool to witness the amazing creations from this dynamic duo!  Makes me wish I had a sister!

I had fun answering the same question as my Art Every Day challenge for Day 11.  You can click on the image above to see a larger version.

I’d love to hear… What do you love most about YOU?

6 thoughts on “AEDM Day 11: What I Love About Me”

  1. i love this, jenn! i like the way you have color behind some of your words. and the part about how you can burp the alphabet totally cracked me up! lol!

    as for what i love about me: i love my blue eyes, that i’m an artistic and creative soul, my silliness, and my loud laugh.

  2. oh i love this Jenn!
    of course i love all those same things about you.
    and so many of them are the same things i love about myself.
    i think it is why we are such good friends:
    h.s.p. yoga loving artists. ;)))

  3. I also love that your hair is always different. I think you’re so brave! And, I would have never ever guessed that you could burp the alphabet. The next time I see you, I’m going to demand that you perform. 🙂

  4. That piece reminds me of a book I used to read as a kid … I can’t remember what it was (i’ll have to simmer with it and come back if i remember …). I’m jealous that you can burp the alphabet. I don’t burp at all (a quirk of nature). 🙂


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