Art Every Day Month 2011: Days 10-13

More of my itty bitty sketches from Art Every Day Month. I am obsessed with this Crystal hot sauce. I could drink it out of the bottle.

On 11/11/11, Teahouse Studio co-founder Stefanie Renee hosted a fun art night at the studio. We painted and doodled while the video Beckoning of the Lovely played in the background. It’s a feature film that launched on 11/11/11 and is best described as “an interactive love letter to the universe.”

And this is what happens when I wait until the end of the day to do my AEDM doodle.

I’m a personality typing system geek. In 2008 I did an AEDM sketch based on the Hue Are U card deck. I’d love to hear, what are your different personality types?

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