AEDM Day 5: Hue Are U?

I’m always learning new things from my clients, which is one of the things I love about my job! Today, one of my clients came over for a session and she brought along a card deck called “Hue Are U? A Deck For Discovering Your True Self” by Dewey Sadka. I’m a personality-typing nut, so I was all over this system, especially given that it’s based on simply picking colors you’re naturally drawn to. You also pick colors you don’t like (what you resist persists!).

hue are u cards

Earlier tonight, I drew my cards.  You pick your favorites and least favorites out of different groupings of colors for things like your basic motivation, how you relate to people, your hopes and fears, how you take on the world, your suppressed emotions/needs, etc.  There are descriptions on the back of each card.  My faves were in the green/yellow/blue family and least faves in the reds/purples.

It was a fun and enlightening exercise and I decided to diagram my results (see below).

hue are u, color system

5 thoughts on “AEDM Day 5: Hue Are U?”

  1. oh wee. i am digging the card set. i will tell my life coach jocelyn about it. i think she will adore it. i think i am gonna check it out too. my creativity coaching clients may like it.

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