Art Every Day Month 2011 Begins!

Yay! It’s November and that means Art Every Day Month is here. My dear friend Leah Piken Kolidas has been hosting this annual challenge for nine years. I participated back in 2007 and that’s actually where the first Right-Brain Business Plan® was born. I love the magic that happens when I commit to the creative practice of doing art every day for a month.

The first couple of years I experimented with lots of different mediums and had fun with that. Then in 2009 I stumbled upon a 3″x3″ journal at the Squam Art Fair and that’s been my itty bitty sketch book for AEDM since. I love that it provides me a do-able structure and keeps my doodles simple.

This year I treated myself to a new watercolor set with more colors to choose from. That makes me happy.

Getting a new fridge also makes me happy! Our other one had been on the fritz and I swear I’ve had mild food poisoning for the past week (of course my hubby just thinks I’m a hypochondriac!). Anyway, now I’m so excited about stocking up on healthy food – it’s like a blank culinary canvas! I love how doing art every day helps me document these little bits from my daily life.

I won’t be blogging every day, but I will be doing my daily doodles and posting on Instagram with the hashtag #aedm2011. BTW, today is my 1-year Instagram anniversary. I heart IG!

7 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2011 Begins!”

  1. A mini notebook is a great idea… but the new fridge made me happy… we took the plunge not that long ago and got to wave goodbye to old jars of things and start fresh… it was quite intoxicating xx

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